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Our premium range of clear and pigmented acrylic and polyurethane lacquers, which unashamedly accentuate the richness of wood and markedly improves the durability of the surfaces for longer periods.

The range includes:’

  • Acrylic Basecoat Clear Two-pack clear primer consisting of acrylic resins, utilised for various applications. Has great transparency
  • Acrylic Topcoat Clear Transparent lacquer consisting of modified acrylic resins, which are catalysed with non-yellowing isocyanates
  • Polyurethane Basecoat Clear Two-pack clear universal polyurethane basecoat with a high solid content. Excellent for sealing all types of wood
  • Polyurethane Topcoat Clear Two-pack clear polyurethane coating with great mechanical resistance
  • Polyurethane-Acrylic Topcoat Clear A dual pack polyurethane acrylic coating
  • Polyurethane-Acrylic Pigmented Topcoat A dual pack polyurethane coating with a satin white finish
  • Basecoat Colour Range A single-pack product available in a wide range of metallic and pearlescent colours
  • Automotive 2K Topcoats A 2-pack MS Topcoat available in clear and a range of colours

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