Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Quick Tint?

A highly trained team of specialists in furniture coatings to meet the requirements of both the end-user and the manufacturer.

What does Quick Tint do?

Holds stock and distributes furniture coatings to the industry and provides all the necessary wood coating solutions.

From where does Quick Tint operate and what areas are covered?

Ndabeni has two Quick Tint warehouses and two colour matching facilities to cover the Cape Peninsula and the Cape West Coast; In the Strand area, there is another warehouse to cover the Boland and Overberg Regions.

Why can’t manufacturers buy directly from suppliers?

They do not offer the specialist service, like colour matching, training and special sample and process developments. They only supply ‘off-the-shelf’ products.

Within the coatings industry, what is Quick Tint’s special focus?

Interior wood coatings, colour matching and “tailor making” application and special effects to suit the end-user and the manufacturer.

What are Quick Tint’s product ranges?

“MULTIVALUE” Acid-Catalysed Lacquers; “TRADITIONALE” Spirit and Waterbased Stains; “ECONOLAC” Nitrocellulose Lacquers; “AQUAKOTE” Waterbased Lacquers; “LUCHE” Light-fast Bright Stains; “PLATINUM” Polyurethane and Acrylic Lacquers; “EFFECTIQUE” Patinas

What services does Quick Tint offer?

Delivery; Digital and eye colour matching; Product and application training; Specifications; Sample and process development; Troubleshooting

How are Quick Tint’s products applied?

Lacquers are sprayed, some stains can be ragged, brushed, dipped or sprayed and others only sprayed. Contact us for further application info.

What are the features and benefits of Quick Tint lacquers?

Amongst the lacquers “MULTIVALUE” has good filling properties and good all-round durability, “ECONOLAC” is economical for low-wear surfaces, “AQUAKOTE” is environmentally friendly and non-yellowing, and the “PLATINUM ” polyurethanes have the best durability while the “PLATINUM” acrylics are non-yellowing and have excellent chemical resistance.

What are the features and benefits of Quick Tint’s stains?

The “TRADITIONALE” range of penetrating stains can be applied by dipping, ragging or spraying, and gives a wide range of wood stain colours. The “LUCHE” range features it’s broad range of paint colour and its superior light-fast properties.

Does Quick Tint deliver or must I collect?

Deliveries cover the Cape Peninsula, the Boland, West coast, Overberg & the Southern Cape from George to plettenberg Bay; or you may collect from our Ndabeni or Strand warehouses

Who do I contact to purchase product, request a service, order colours or effects, have a specification written or an application process developed?

Email your requests, questions or queries to

What is your lead time for colour matching?

Between 24 hours and 3 days depending on the workload- Please give requirements first so as to assist you as best we can.

What is your lead time for “Off-the-Shelf” products?

For the stock items, if ordered before 15h00, delivery will be the next day.

What are the most durable lacquers, most suitable for table tops?

Polyurethanes from the “PLATINUM” range which have excellent mar resistance & chemical resistance.

What lacquers are suitable for non-wearing surfaces, like panelling or picture frames?

Nitrocellulose lacquers from our “ECONOLAC” range or Acid-Catalysed lacquers from our “MULTIVALUE” range

What lacquers are non-yellowing?

Acrylic lacquers from our “PLATINUM” and “AQUAKOTE” ranges.

What stains are the most light-fast and do not fade quickly in sunlight?

Translucent stains from our “LUCHE” range.

Does Quick Tint offer training courses for spraypainters and other key staff?

Informal training may be arranged through our technical department, whilst formal training modules are being developed at present.


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